Protest (lyrics)

Posted by No Law on March 9, 2018 at 12:40 AM


by Derek Worth


Why wait for them to slowly lock us into an ignorant generation

When is a better time to protest against anyone who tries to keep us down

Are you going to wait until they try and kill your children

Are you going stand up to the monsters who control the entire sleeping town


Well this is our time

We will take over

The sleeping state of this system

Who else is gonna do it


Now is the time to protest

Let us make the most of it

Now is the time for revolution

Let us show you the solution

Tomorrow belongs to the people

Not to those who heed our weeping

The future belongs to who seek the truth

Not to a heartless institution

VERSE 2 slow

It is the reason for humanity's struggle against loss

Fight against the system that doesn't want you to awaken

Find it in you heart to believe there ain't no love

Even though you know that you will be forsaken

//:you know it://



Don't wait for tomorrow

Today is when we prove it

There may be no tomorrow

If we don't do this


Now is the time for protest

So Protest

Now is the time for protest

Go Protest x4


Get up on your feet

Gather in the streets

Time to make a change

Leave this world a better place

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