FORUM "How can you own the earth and the sky?"

Posted by No Law on June 7, 2016 at 1:55 AM

How can a law be created? If we are living in a universe of laws which are inherent, then laws, as it is thus far, have only been discovered. They existed before their discovery. Atop all of these laws must something quite mysterious indeed. Have you noticed that man made laws keep changing over time, regardless of the ones they cause to suffer with punishments unjust. Do all laws change? Are man made laws any different that natural laws? What if there were no laws? Would this state be created or discovered. Is the universe created by our biology thus ending with death. Or are we witnesses to a field of the infinite which operates on it's own authority when left alone. The visions I see most parade around the peripheral. I believe my eyes, being wired to my brain, snap reality in place for showing me what I need to see in order to survive. However, I do not believe that is any sort of accurate description of what we are in and a part of. I suffered a mental crises after dropping out. I was forced to rely on my will or let go and fly with it even if it meant being on the street. Upon taking acid for the first time the reality which had been so well locked into my perception began to give way to added dimensions which were unknown to me. Vision danced around me. At times I was in the middle of a war. At other times all was one and at peace, loving, fun, and serene. It that the law doing its job improperly or just me failing. Who makes the law(s)? The first caveman? The last man alive? God? Who? Imposed limitations. Imposed by who. And what are we trying to prove?

Are we just a bunch of Indians sitting around a closed fire asking, "How can you own the land and the sky?"

Or are we advertising agents sitting around rich office tables asking the same question with different, and far more seriously twisted, intentions.

If so then I am one of these men who asks, "How can you own the earth and the sky."

Only my intentions are laughably jaded and convoluted by this system of keeping our eyes snapped into place, mostly so we can keep moving forward as a society. And what a society it is! The true world is infinity miraculous in every way, especially granted that our bodies will have moved into a different realm of the material plane, and taken countless forms which surround us as we speak.

How are we unable to communicate with these realms? It is our minds being the result of how our brains are wired together like a machine, from living in a technological utopia. It allows us to perpetuate a logical system which is cold and rejects its savior (this realm in our peripheral).

How could we, with this wiring, ever be able then of comprehending the this unknown realm without passing out. The truth has always been a "law". If science has any purpose it is to search out the true nature of things and apply that knowledge to the progression of a species, namely all of us.

If we could snap out this locked down perception, I believe we might find that microbiology should get more funding than searching the heavens, which is like somebody living on an atom trying to understand the nature of a molecule.  We might find that the sky is really only made for dreams and that shooting rockets into space doesn't prove the earth is round.

"How can you own the earth and sky?!"

Is it truly wise to pinch the horizon with metal causing mass hysteria, while people are dying of, so far, incurable diseases.

There are aliens all around us, even in our bodies. We are aliens. If the earth is indeed round, then there is far far more space than earth.

It is my belief the universe as we know it is the result of imposed limitations coming from all around us. I have a body. My body in any one discernable from is limited. I am an imposed limitation who acts as a medium for imposed limitations. However I can travel throughout limitless dimensions though my immaculate perception, searching for the ultimate limitation, which would ultimately lead to a myriad representational ideas. The spirits animate us still, though many of us believe we are in control. We do, I believe have the power of choice, the source of which is inconceivable in a world of laws.

This choice is what connects our consciousness and gives us inspiration and suffering as it comes around.

The question is "How can you own the earth and the sky?" 

Let it reveal to us and each other our true intentions.

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